Additional services

1. Managing content on social media

Leave the task of managing your social media accounts to the marketing experts at TrendX to :


With TrendX marketing team, your vision and goals are turned into reality

That will allow your company administration and employees the opportunity and sufficient time to devote themselves to better serving your customer.

You can contact us via the button below to tell us your requirements in full, so that we can reach the best suitable offers.

2. Professional design

The slogan and logo of a company, are of the most important elements that express its vision, goals and the extent of the impact that it can create on customers and audiences.
Designing a professional logo and visual identity creates a good perception in the customer’s mind about the company and strengthen its presence in the target market.
TrendX team do believe that logo is an idea rather than an image.

Why TrendX?

Our team has a thorough knowledge and deep understanding of the branding’s entire stages, we study the nature of your activity and the institution’s communication with the audience and conduct integrated data analysis. Then, our team design a LOGO unique to your institution…. We are confident that once you see it, you will love it.

You can contact us via the button below for any requests, special offers and details of a special agreement between us.

3. Professional Photography

TrendX has a great team, highly experienced to conduct:

Obtaining a professional photo and video from here is your first essential step in your way to making a strong positive first impression on your customers.

Samples of our work